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Minnesota Kitchen Remodeling

Consumers usually buy a home based on many factors. Often times, the kitchen can be overlooked. Daily meals are cooked in the kitchen and families often congregate there for family dinner or visiting. A kitchen that doesn’t have enough space, storage, or vibrancy can detour all the wonderful activities we love about the kitchen! Cooking and entertaining in a kitchen that lacks efficiency grows very tiresome after a period of time. Maybe it’s time for a change!

St. Croix Exteriors & Remodeling has marked excellence in the field of kitchen renovation and updates. We have a passion for the kitchen and strive to make your vision of the perfect kitchen a reality with minimal cost and maximum satisfaction!

Small changes can sometimes make a huge impact. So if you want to start out small and breathe new life into your Kitchen by just installing new cabinets and countertops, then we can help with that! If you want the whole package and decide to renovate your kitchen entirely, St. Croix Exteriors & Remodeling will be there for you every step of the way. We know that you will be pleased with our expect carpentry knowledge and meticulous attention to detail. We will help you plan and design and then we will execute your vision with the least amount of interruption to your family. We work quickly, carefully, and enthusiastically in every home project we lead.

St. Croix Exteriors & Remodeling is a full-service contractor for all your Kitchen upgrade or remodeling needs.

• New Cabinet Installation
• Countertop and Backsplash Installation
• Walls and Doors and Pantries
• New Lighting
• Wall Covering
• New Floor Installation
• Hardware and Fixtures

If there is something that you don’t see on our list, please call us for more information! We can be reached at 612-817-0040.