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More Than Just A Garage…It’s A St. Croix Garage

A garage is an investment. More than just a place where you park your car but we have found that our customers use their imaginations to the fullest while utilizing the space strategically. We have built hobby shops, “man caves”, poker dens, photography studios, gyms, cabins and more. Our customers expect to enjoy their new building for a long time. We expect no less. That’s why one of our buildings are more than just a garage, it’s a Minnesota built Garage by St. Croix Exteriors and Remodeling. Each building is thought out, planned and designed to fit your specific needs and budget.

Choosing St Croix Remodeling to build your garage will allow the following considerations:
• Distinguish the quality. It is easy to see what sets us apart from other garage builders.
• Be confident. Our Garage will enhance the value of your home.
• Get a free professional design consultation. Not an estimate or what it might cost, but a firm quote.
• Know what you are getting for your money when you are making the decision to build a garage – before you sign.
• Any Size – No matter how big or small, St Croix Exteriors and Remodeling can create a custom garage for you. Whether the garage will hold only the family car and some lawn equipment or your entire classic car collection, we can build a garage to meet your specific needs.
• Storage Capacity – If you can’t part with the family treasures, but don’t have room to store them in your home, St croix exteriors and remodeling can build you a garage to safely tuck them away. If you have recreational vehicles that need to be stored during the off-season, St Croix Exterior and Remodeling can construct a garage to keep them secure until they are ready to be used again.
• Any Style – St Croix Exteriors and Remodeling assists you in selecting a garage design that will compliment the appearance of your house. Our craftsman can build any style that meets your needs including, gable roof garages, reverse gable garages, hip roof garages, mansard roof garages, flat roof garages, roof deck garages or gambrel garages.

We are experts in making your garage an asset to your home and the envy of your neighbors. From start to finish we are a full service garage builder serving St Paul Minnesota and the surrounding subburbs.

We welcome you to browse through the images below for a sample of some of the residential garages and sheds that we have built. We build both frame and brick garages. Our frame garages can be built with a variety of exterior finishes including cedar, cement board siding, stucco siding, vinyl siding, to name a few.

The mission of St Croix Exteriors and Remodeling is to provide our clients with quality built garages at competitive prices. Our goal is to maintain our leadership in garage construction by continued growth from satisfied customers. We are proud to serve both Minneapolis and St. Paul suburbs.

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